Information Technology Team

Specialized Skills and Resources to Provide Fast Speed of Response to our Field Technicians and Customers

The IT department at Integrated Service Solutions is an essential part of our business. Having this technical edge allows us to have a protected and stable infrastructure and to provide our customers with the piece of mind in knowing that electronic communications and documents are stored securely.

Our IT team is responsible for our data management, software development, all electronic communications and 24/7/365 security monitoring of our facility. Their technical expertise provides daily support to our field service and office staff, allows us to recruit remotely using video conferencing and gives us the expertise to stay current with emerging technologies.

This dedicated group plays an integral role in making sure all of the departments of the company are productive and free of technical difficulties. The benefits to our customers is a guarantee that all electronic calibration and validation reports are maintained on secured network servers. In addition, having automation and a robust communications infrastructure in place allows us to have immediate responses to our field staff, administrative personnel and customer base.

Yusuf Howlader


Md Ariful Islam

Web Developer ( G.M )

Shahadat Husain

CEO / Founder

Jadrel IT

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