Jardel IT provides dynamic and results-driven social media marketing services. We take into account the current brand value of a business and, work toward enhancing it. We use futuristic strategies and creative designs for maximum impact. Our team of proficient social media optimization and marketing specialists is adept at managing media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Together, we boost your social media presence, generating more leads in the process.

Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media is a powerful platform to reach your prospective customers. More than 70% of people are daily active on the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once your brand is popular on social media, it will show on the newsfeeds of your target audience. The job of a professional social media marketing agency is thus to popularize your brand and improve its visibility.

At Jadrel IT, we have a team of qualified and creative social media experts developing successful campaigns and delivering measurable results. As business owners prefer ‘leads’ more than ‘likes’, our results-oriented social media services focus on generating quality leads by creating brand awareness, promoting engagement, and increasing the number of conversions.

Our Custom Social Media Marketing Services

All social media platforms are unique and should be treated accordingly when optimizing them for individual brands. For example, a retail business will do good on Facebook, a web agency will generate more leads on LinkedIn, and a photography website will create havoc on Instagram. At Jadrel IT, our social media management services leverage the different flavors of each platform to build you a strong presence in social media. We launch, develop and monitor campaigns based on your target demographic roping in your business specifics.

Take a look at our wide array of social media specialties:

Content Creation & Marketing

Using premium stock images, custom-made graphics, or unique assets provided by you, we can create visual content including static images, videos, infographics, carousels, etc. Our in-house graphic designers, copywriters, and marketing experts work closely to craft engaging posts that drive attention and encourage a positive brand impression.

Facebook Page Management

Facebook page creation, post designing and upload, Facebook Ad management, monitoring campaign performance, replying to the potential customers’ queries, and increasing your follower base with engaging posts – we do it all.

Twitter Account Management

Powerful words and trending hashtags – define Twitter. And our experts are the artists of both. Our strategic Twitter marketing will positively impact your brand-building goal. With a blend of creativity and a set of tactics, we can help to develop a brand authority on this micro-blogging platform.

LinkedIn Profile Management

Reflect the professionalism of your business on this global networking channel for professionals. Both B2B and B2C marketers can be benefitted by an authoritative presence on this platform and develop a large network of like-minded professionals.

Instagram Marketing

Level up your user engagement rate with our Instagram marketing expertise. With high-end visuals, short and catchy videos, one-tap shopping destination – the dynamic social media ecosystem can help you generate more leads and drive conversions.

Pinterest Marketing

Pins, Feeds, and Boards – we specialize in blending the art of all the aspects of the Pinterest lifecycle to drive results and satisfy our clients. We’ll create catchy, innovative, and creative visuals to keep your users engaged and generate leads.

Social PPC

If you want to make the most of your social media marketing efforts, opt for a PPC campaign. Both the start-ups and established businesses can drive higher visibility, leads, and ROI through a compelling PPC campaign. Our marketing experts specialize in crafting results-driven PPC campaigns for any social media channel.

Community Management

Our social media activities will help to develop a community revolving around your niche. Through meaningful and informative conversations with your potential customers, we can ensure that your business is always on the driving seat in the competitive digital realm

Professional Social Media Marketing Agency India – Agile Work Approach

As a leading social media marketing agency in Romania, we adopt a results-driven approach. From analyzing your business nature and competitors to determining the target audience, content creation to publishing on the respective platforms, auditing the campaigns to providing you with a detailed monthly report – we do it all. The cherry on the top is our optimal customer service.

Trusted Social Media Marketing Agency - Partner with Us

As a full-time social media marketing agency in Romania, we have a dedicated team of expert marketers who develop bespoke
campaigns for your business. Hire social media marketing experts from us to lead your brand toward popularity.

Take a look at why you should engage digital marketing services from Jadrel IT.


Get quick, lead-oriented, industry-specific social media marketing services that work.


We keep upgrading our strategies to maintain consistency in our performance.


We have dedicated social media marketers for campaign monitoring, upgrading, and maintenance.


All our activities are driven by the main objective – Generating more business.


$60.007000 Views + 1000h Watch Time
  • ✅Delivery Time 10 days
  • ✅Audience Size 7000
  • ✅Number of Social Shares (1)


$120.0015000 Views + 2000h Watch Time
  • ✅Delivery Time 20 days
  • ✅Audience Size 1500
  • ✅Number of Social Shares (2)


$260.0030000 Views + 4000h Watch Time
  • ✅Delivery Time 30 days
  • ✅Audience Size 30000
  • ✅Number of Social Shares (3)

Jadrel IT

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